Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Name Change

I got back Sunday from my ride in the park and noticed this while I was cleaning the bike.

I think my bike is trying to tell me something . . . . shed some weight.

If that "M" peels off, does that mean I am riding for a different company?
And if so, does the name imply different criteria?

Am I fit?
Better yet, do I need to be?

Just doesn't carry the same pizazz.

*Late Edit:
I was standing in my living room looking out the window waiting for Lenny to pick me up for a group night ride this evening (Tuesday night) and was thinking about how my bike is now ruined because of the sticker peeling off. It didn't make sense to me why it was coming off. Was Peter so cheap as to use faulty sticker material for his bikes? Nah - he wouldn't dare. Would he? Nooooo.

It wasn't until I was placing my bike on top of Lenny's car this evening that I realized it wasn't in fact a faulty sticker, but in fact Lenny's shit roof carrier.

It's this bogus piece of craaaaaaap that has ruined my bike. Ruined it.

This is the result of my pink beauty being clamped into Lenny's jaws-of-death-and-carnage piece of shit roof rack system.

Peter, please send replacement stickers for my bike and please bill Lenny an exorbitant amount for it. Please send soon. I have a difficult time leaving the house with dirt on my bike let alone such a cosmetic flaw to be present. Vanity and appearance of my bikes are everything, they make up for my inability to be fast and/or cool.


Unknown said...

If you would have just pedaled to the rides we wouldn't be in this little pickle now would we? :-o

Peter Keiller said...

excellent point len.

pafucking thetic.

i am so angry i could sleep.

The Vegan Vagabond said...


Anonymous said...

Cheap piece of crap!!! (Lenny's rack or the Misift sticker choose)

I was gonna get a Misfit, but now that I see your blasphemized bike, I'm thinking otherwise. Instead, I think I'll get a bike that people actually pedal to the trailhead.

Peter M said...

That Lenny is hard to put up with sometimes.

You can always stick your bike on my rack. Anthony's bike hardly ever falls off it onto the highway.

Kark said...

there's probably a "bike bra" or "moderately good strap" type product thingy that would protect your faberge-egg-sticker-job from such harsh treatment.

really, Is it obvious to only me that you're just under accessorized for these condtions!?

and yeah, you *could* just ride to the trail, but how does THAT help the economy?? no, don't take the easy way out bro. Go shopping!