Tuesday, September 1, 2009


LinkThe Vegan Vagabond dropped off an Awesome Strap yesterday - courtesy of the Empire via Hot August Nights.

This past season and a half or so I've been riding most of the time without any kind of hydration pack - going for that skinny, racer-boy look I needed to find whatever means necessary to achieve that look. The hydration pack was first to go. So I ended up stuffing my jersey pockets full, which really defeated the purpose of losing the pack. Albeit, most could figure out by looking at my backside that it was in-fact a tube, food, air, food, spare bottle, food and tools in my jersey pockets and not new back fat.

I started experimenting finding ways of strapping a tube, lever and air to the bike and out of my pockets. Straps, tape, Velcro, seat bags, etc. were all tried and all failed.

I first heard/saw the Awesome Strap a while back and was intrigued. Great idea, but why spend the money on something so simple to make yourself. Seemed to me all it was was a Velcro strap with some rubber on the inside to keep it from sliding down the seatpost. Simple.

So I constructed my own out of a big fat Velcro strap, some Crazy Glue and on old tube. Success.
However, it didn't quite work as well as I would have liked.

Not so awesome on the left. Definitely AWESOME on the right.

My design on the right, despite being very wide - didn't quite hold as well as I hoped. It would gradually swing around and move. I haven't field tested the Awesome Strap yet, but apparently it's bomb proof. A single track night ride tonight should be a good test.

I wonder if it is as awesome as this?!?!


Not so awesome*


Not so awesome*

*yes, this was an exaggeration.


dicky said...

If your extra manly thighs rub on the Velcro try moving it down the post.

wf: ulnvrwinanummrs

Big Bikes said...

You don't know how timely this is. I didn't mention in my race report from Sunday that at one point coming through the Start/Finish I was awkwardly wrestling with a tube which I had duct taped to my seatpost (it's ugly but it usually holds and the duct tape can be useful in a pinch). The tube had come half-free and was dangling precariously above my rear wheel, ready to tangle up and bring me to stop at any second. I pretty much rode into the side of the Start/Finish banner as Jill, one of the promoters asked "Thom, are you alright?".

Then I saw that thingy on Dicky's blog...now you're talking about it. I think it's a sign. A sign that reads, in capital letters: "GET ONE OF THOSE STRAPPY THINGS BEFORE YOU END UP WITH A TUBE WRAPPED AROUND YOUR HUB DURING A FUCKING RACE!".


The Vegan Vagabond said...

Is that dirt under your seat???


the original big ring said...

Dicky - going down!

Thom - you're welcome to my old strap.

VV - the only place I don't clean . . . that's a lie, I just forgot.

Jason said...

Just got hold of a similar strap for review (diff brand) but still rocked. I was with you. SO SIMPLE!! I WON'T PAY FOR ONE! Now I have one, and I'm diggin' it.

cornfed said...

wf: ulnvrwinanummrs

Fuggin hilarious...

sorry. But it is.

Donut. Bacon.