Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stepping back

Stepping back from the bike was not in the plans. Life changes, ebbs and flows. Flow with it or get lost fighting against the current. Just another adventure, another dream to follow.

But life away from the bike is . . . well, it's strange. Since 2000 I've been riding my bike(s) as much as I can, wherever and whenever I can. To suddenly stop is difficult to do. I've heard it said, if your life (or a part of your life) feels empty, then fill it with something else. 'They' (who the hell is 'they' anyway?!) say distance makes the heart grow fonder. 'They' say, if life gives you lemons, make lemondae.

Shit. I just want to ride my bike, and ride it during my favourite time of the year - Fall. Crisp, cool days, clear blue skies, single track littered with colourful leaves, riding for fun with friends. It doesn't get any better. I am, and will, think often of past Autumn rides to get me through the next few months being without the bike.


As Minhas Pedaladas said...

You could try trail-running, It doesn't take so much time like bikes, and when you return home you wont be fat and will be super happy to be able to ride your Misfit Pink Dream.
Have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Fall Rules!
I went for a night ride friday...stunning...and the beer after...mmm'mmm.
I went for a loooooong ride sunday...brilliant...and the pizza after...mmmm'mmmm.
I am going for a ride tonight...at least 4 hrs...post ride pub stop...wings? all-day breakfast? pasta special? No matter...m.m.m.

Oh, and you have fun a cop-college and second guessing your life ya-hear?


Anonymous said...

I think you are a suck'r for punishment. You went from a lap of luxury (summers off and easy job) to one of hell...
why you do that!!!

I would never give up my bike.
I've been doing this for 18 years.
Its part of me.
I started when I was a wee bastard. My dad pushed me down the hill on my bike. Ride bastard he would say holding onto a beer...
Then we would ride in the sand pits while drinking beer when I was a teenager. Biking to/from school (25km away in the country).
Love it!
Then started really getting into it during post-secondary schooling. DOing 150km weekends in the mud. Then transitioning to road. I really don't like road, but I just don't have time for mud now...
God forbid any bastard that takes biking away from me.

As for "Flow with it or get lost fighting against the current"
-- ah that's horseshit.
Go against the current.
Ask for your old job back!!

Cops on the beat only last at most 5 years. Like a good athlete... (burns out in 4)
Any longer, and you'll be tainted the wrong way...

the original big ring said...

You boys must be mistaking my sentiment for choosing the wrong career path. I'm not questioning my decision . . . just missing my bike. That's it, that's all - fucccck you.

rick is! said...

careful. don't complain about missing your bike too much or you'll start sounding like a whiney little bitch. Just like me...

Anonymous said...

don;t say I didn't warn you.

Anonymous said...

teachers have it made in the shade.
~ get summer off
~ huge powerful union
~ good pay
~ can go to work brain dead
~ can structure what ever you want
~ can fck with kids heads all day

cops on the other hand:
~ gotta put up with the shit of society
~ gotta gun with paperwork attached and an SIU
~ can be ripped through the coals
by the media
~ have their whole life exposed. Ain't no hiding anything - from personal life to being on the beat
~ can get shot at
~ have many enemies

hmmmm - good choice. You must of being doing crack at the time...

The Vegan Vagabond said...

Sorry about all these meanies, BR. I'm here to blow sunshine up your ass.

We miss you. Your bike misses you. We haven't had any epic BR fall rides yet because you aren't here to organize us. We suck. Come back Big Ring.

Anonymous said...

meanies. Christ, he hasn't seen meanies yet. Wait until he gets to the streets and sees what is out there!!!
Yah gotta be able to take a lot of shit.
And, by your reaction, doesn't seem you can.

Remember - you are now bound by the Act. Anyone, can place a complaint upon your ass...

Good luck.

the original big ring said...

Jeff, aka Anonymous . . .

I know it's you commenting, everyone in Ottawa knows it you commenting . . . .

do me a favour and fuck off. Please don't comment on my blog anymore . . . I don't need to read anymore shit from you about how I am making a wrong decision in my life. You don't know me, you don't know my life, you don't know shit.

If teaching is so great, why don't you become a teacher, move to the States and stop bitching about living in Ottawa and the shit life you lead.

Again, fuck off. And don't flatter me by visiting my blog anymore.