Sunday, October 18, 2009

12 Hrs in Photos

If you have a moment to spare from eating, sleeping, working, riding, picking your nose, wiping your butt, shopping on the interweb, and otherwise busy life, check out this blog: 12hrs in Photos.
My good friend Jerome set this up a while back, and I missed out on the first installment. Unfortunately, I'll be missing out on this one as well - waaaaaaaay too busy to take any photos . . . . and if I did, they'd be all of the same thing as I study for mid-terms. Being slightly illiterate and lazy, I don't like to read text rich blogs as I have the attention span of a retarded gnat. Photos are easy to look at, are interesting and take no effort on my part to register in one of my brain-ial lobes that I carry upon my shoulders.
While not specifically a bike related blog, by the nature of the folks that Jerome knows, you'll find lots of photos related to the cycling world. If you're interested in being apart of the project, check out Jerome's blog (linky above) to get in touch.
Check back often over the next week or so as folks upload their photos.

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