Sunday, December 6, 2009

Done. Fat. Change.

Goodbye books, desk and ittsy bittsy suck ass dorm room.

Done . . . . at least the hard part: studying, testing, qualifying, quizes, tests, exams, total immersion. Being away from wifey and The Peanut, being away from home, being away from the bikes, being away from friends, entirely missing all of Fall (my most favourite time of year to ride), losing any sort of cycling fitness that I had, getting fatter, blah, blah, blah . . . . all that matters now is that I am home. Hoooooray!

Pffffft . . . yeah, I see the alternative healthy snack behind it. Bite me.
It'd make a good painting or something.

A couple days to put the feet up and sleep in Bobcaygeon after a busy week of exams and graduation and traveling. Also meant a couple days of eating. My lovely mother-in-law, Jeannie Beannie, made me a big pan of brownies. I usually fight with her not to do it as I am watching the love handles and extra girth, but I fought no fight this time.

Yes, I ate the whole thing (all except two - apparently it's nice to share. meh.) - was there any doubt?!?

Now it's back to reality, back to settling in to some sort of routine and getting my sweat on - which if you were a keen follower (and had your photo over on the side bar as a dedicated reader -----------> ), you might remember me saying a while back that my training schedule is/was supposed to start Monday. Will it? Did it? Does it? Was it?

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Welcome home OBR...