Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Santa Baby - I'm accepting presents

I don't 'need' anything for Christmas. I actually don't really 'want' anything either.
It's a nice feeling just to be happy (and pretty blessed) with what I've got.

Before you go nominating me for being the "Best'est Sensitive New Age Husband/Father of the Year", keep in mind that for the past three or so months I've been out of touch with the cycling world and out of touch with the latest and greatest tid bits and shinny parts.

However, if anyone in the blog-o-sphere wanted to pick me up something as a little sum-thing, sum-thing for being such a good little blogger all year long, they could get me this:
Despite rumors that I use a speech-to-text software program to do my blog each day, I am in fact literate. It takes me about a day to read a full page due to being a slow reader, partly cixelsyd and have the attention span of a retarded fruit fly, but I do enjoy reading.

Also equally acceptable and very much enjoyable presents that you can buy for me:

'Tis the season for buying me stuff.


rick is! said...

shit, I had no idea the cobbles in Paris Roubaix were that frickin brutal. TV totally takes it down a notch. I wouldn't even want to ride my mountain bike on that.

Disco Stu said...

I actually have "A dog in a hat". You're free to borrow it anytime, unless you MUST have your own copy.