Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Crippity Crap

The temperature was ALL right for a ride outside (in January) yesterday,
but the weather was ALL wrong.
Something about getting hypothermia, in January, miles from home, on a bike, with no one to come and get you just doesn't sound like fun or the smartest thing to do.

January in Ottawa and it's raining? WTF?
My day off to boot.
'Twas hoping to get out for a long ski today.
What was I to do?

. . . drink some more coffee?

. . . play with Mrs. Pibbs?

. . . vacuum the house?

. . . clean the bathroom?

. . . take the compost out to the bin?

. . . do some laundry?

. . . clean Pibb's litter box?

. . . fix my watch strap?

. . . tidy up some tubes in the workshop?

. . . trim up some sideburns? . . . admire my double chin?

. . . file some important documents?

. . . download some tunes?

I guess all I was looking for was anything to avoid getting on the hamster wheel, which was my inevitable last stop. Just didn't feel like getting on it. But, I did . . . eventually.

1 comment:

Big Bikes said...

Walking around the house taking photographs of things that represent activities you could possibly do to procrastinate.

Now that's some good procrastination!