Monday, January 11, 2010

Cycling Tips Calendar

Check it out . . . one of my favourite 'roadie' blogs, Cycling Tips , is selling beautiful calendars. They're out of Australia, land of criminals, dingos, Fosters beer, kangaroos and poisonous things that go bite in the nite. And half way around the world. Considering it's half way through January and they'll be shipped by steamer (way way too far to fly an aero-plane or zeppelin air ship) so you may get in time for June. Apparently if you buy one, they'll also throw in your choice of a colorful poisonous snake, Paul Hogan, a foam boomerang (so you don't hurt yourself), or some vegemite.

Calendars are great for all sorts of things . . . . like knowing the date and the day of the week. They can be hung on the wall. Or they can be laid out on a desk or table or something flat. You can even write on them - stuff like important dates and things. You'll even be kept up-to-date with Australian holidays - like Guy Fawkes Day. You should get one. They even have some SWEET jerseys for sale too.


wade said...

Thanks Craig!

the original big ring said...

No worries Wade!
Happy to do it.