Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Did you fart?

No, but I did.
No . . . . I didn't fart.
I was only joking.
I do fart, sometimes. But I didn't at the time I was wearing the mask or took the picture.
I am actually experimenting with different training methods.

Don't tell anyone that I fart. Okay? I've got a rep to protect.

Who's got the kind of money to buy, rent or go to a place to use an altitude training mask? Not me. But then again, I also don't have world cup colours on any of my jerseys.

Another option is the altitude training tent . . . pffft. I can't even afford tent pegs, let alone a tent.

So next time that Danny Devito floats an air biscuit, or you want some faux altitude training shots, get your mask on.

I'm in my basement, is that still altitude training? Maybe I should move the bike and trainer to the roof - that'd be better, eh?

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