Monday, February 8, 2010

Two face

never ending climb
it did end, cause I'm here . . .right?. . . typing . . .
. . . . unless I gave up and turned around and came home

Like I said before, all my symmetrical clothing needs are labeled.
You are correct.

left side: 20 mins into ski - you might say feeling 'fresh'
right side: 45 minutes later - you wouldn't say the same thing

beauty night for a ski
late afternoon/early evening, hardly anyone in the park
the snow was bitterly cold making skating very, very, very, very, very slow
it was even slower considering it was my legs and arms flailing about to keep me choreographed to the beat of my rapid pulse


The Evil MGE! said...

Why don't you own a Pugsley yet? Probably same reason I don't... Cash flow..But those trails...they look to be ridable on a Pugs.

Riding Saturday was good...Like Heaven. 3 inches fell yesterday...only 3...on top of dry trails...there will be a lunch ride today.

BTW: Catch up fugger...down to 200 lbs.

the original big ring said...

if skiers catch you on 'their' trails they spear you to death with their poles, roast you over an open fire and eat you

The Vegan Vagabond said...

Not to mention the NCC taskforce, they'd run you over with their snowmobiles.

Still Craig, Jeremy's right. You should get a pugsley so I can borrow it for KL.