Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hill Climb Fight

I think that a lot of people hold cyclists, particularly roadies, in the same regard as soccer players (shit they take a lot of 'dives'). Whinny, whimpy, delicate whimps. Could be the tight clothing, shaved legs, prima donna attitude, thin frail arms & upper bodies, and snobbish'ness . . . just saying, the view is out there. I've heard it enough from my non-cycling friends.

Stolen from The Drunk Cyclist.

Then you see a photo like this.
Bernard Hinault about to clobber some poor sod.
Wicked. Just wicked.
Maybe there could be a race and at the top of each climb riders must dismount, get into a scrap, remount and carry on. Riders would gain valuable points for taking the climb to the top first and kicking someone's ass. Talk about a spectator sport.

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Big Bikes said...

Ya, but it's still a shoulder-punch.
The only way for someone of Hinault's stature to do any damage is to kick...with bike shoes on. Or use his prodigious lower body strength to push someone, like the time he hurled that protester off the podium.

THAT was sick!