Friday, March 5, 2010

I honestly (and unhonestly) can't be bothered . . .

. . . mostly because I am fat and have a terrible work ethic this year.

These past two weeks have been pretty buggered up. Last week I was sick as a dog. This week my schedule at work got all fugged up at the last minute. All this meant no riding in the glorious weather we've been having so early in March.
I can hear all the "Let's make lemonade out of lemons"-ers preaching now . . . "why not ride at home?" "Ride in the evening" "Ride in the snow and rain" "You have no excuses for being fat and out of shape, fat-out-of-shape boy". . .

. . . go pound rocks. It sucked not riding this week. I hated not being able to be out on the bike.

Solution: ride the trainer in the evening in the basement in front of the jumping box. Success.

Alas, failure. Wednesday night after getting home from work I was in bed and asleep by five PM and slept the whole night through (hence no blog post Thursday) . Thursday night, it is now 7Pm, and after all day telling myself that tonight would be different and I would get on the bike . . . . pffffft. It's not going to happen. Total failure.

Whatever it is, I cannot surmount the energy or will to ride the trainer at night. What's worse is that tomorrow is Friday . . . Friday evening, after working all week, and two more days of work to go . . . just the thought of it is making me tired and want to sit on the couch. I *highly* doubt that I will get my lazy ass on the bike tomorrow evening either.

However, Saturday may turn in my favour and I may be able to swing a day off and salvage a little bit of this craptacular week of work and sickness. Whoot.

Even if I had bicycles for feet this evening, I'd be sitting down and refusing to walk.

P.s. Peter is bitching and moaning about how no one sends him shit anymore. Please send him something to shut him up and maybe give him something else to write about other than Flordia.

328 Dingle Court
Bolton, ON
L7E 4T1


CB2 said...

If you're riding inside anyways, maybe try riding before work so you're all amped up to keep Canada safe.

The Evil MGE! said...

I have no Carolina Shine to send.drank it...plumes and all..Whats custom rules on shipping American Beer of 10.5 APV to the great land above?

Unknown said...

I think the rule is since OBR doesn't drink you should send it to Lenny!

Mmmm, beer.

Peter Keiller said...

feeling much the same.
aside from tightass punk bitches like you not sending me affirmations of your admiration that is.

i feel like crap. far and away this is the most off-off season ever.
spring is going to suck hind wind big time.