Thursday, April 22, 2010

NC - Part III: Meeting a Dick (and some other good guys too)

*stolen from Eric's blog

Curvy Butt and myself met up with Dicky, Big Worm, Jerry, Bill Nye, Drew, Eric, Eric W., Mike, Leyonce, and another Eric (fugging huge group) at the Turkey Pen trail head.

Cut lip
No, I know what you were thinking . . . the little guy smacked me around a bit for not yet buying a jersey from him . . . no, just got smacked in the face by a tree branch while doing Mach 9 going down the trail on Squirrel Gap. If you're not climbing in Pisgah, you're descending.

Pisgah single track

My camera shit the bed and took blurry pictures when I remembered to even take it out, hence all the stolen photos

*stole this from Billy's blog
A few stream crossings

Ride synopsis courtesy of Jerry, who I stole from Big Worm

Convincing Rich to come up to Crank The Shield in September.

This photo was taken moments after (and moments after exiting another Mexican restaurant) Dicky showed me his right nipple on his left breast (I don't know how it got way over there) which was sporting some new hair . . . apparently when he's not riding or blogging he's into styling his body hair. He attempted to show me a project he had going on south of the equator, but I quickly walked away before he could.

It's not that I don't like Dicky enough to look at his undercarriage, it's just I like him more in a platonic suckling at my teat kind of way.

*will post up some more photos that I steal from Curvy Butt later this week


Billy Fehr said...


Billy Fehr said...

Richard looks great as a teat...
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