Tuesday, April 20, 2010

North Carolina - Part One

Just home from four days of riding down in North Carolina. Pooched tired from the 16 hour drive home with lots to do around the house, laundry to wash and a bike to clean. Part one will be short.

It actually felt that blurry somewhere in the middle of the night on our way through the States.

Curvy Butt at the top of a climb not feeling the climbing legs after 16 hours straight on the road. Arrived in Asheville, grabbed a coffee, checked into the hotel, got our shit together and went over to Bent Creek to ride for a couple of hours to shake 16 hours worth of cobwebs from our legs and heads.

My fourth road trip to NC, third to the top of Greens Lick in Bent Creek.

Finished the day with a rip down Lower Sidehill.

*Curvy Butt's report here*

More NC reports this week to look forward to include: "NC - Part II", "Part III - Meeting a Dick", "Part IV", "Our Trip to I9", and "A Box 'For me!?' When I Got Home".


Leyonce said...

Your word verification on Dicky's blog, WV: HORICH - I can't believe I drove all that way for that ho Rich, shot coffee out my nose.

Great riding with you guys. Come back any time. Ever find myself lost, um, I mean traveling up north I'll give you a ring.

the original big ring said...

Hey Leyonce - great riding with you too. More than welcome up here in Can-er-da. Cheers!