Thursday, April 29, 2010

Peter & Dave

While in TO on the weekend I was able jetson myself just north of the city into Bolton early enough in the morning to get a ride in the Dark Lord himself. The only time I get to ride with Peter is at races, so it was nice to be able to hook up for a spin.

That's roadie Dave, wearing superman tights, on the left and schmuck face on the right (who by the way is sitting on the very nice new aluminum frame - which I am hoping to have in my chubby, grubby hands at some point).

Palgrave was a really fun place to ride. Swoopy, fast, buffed out narrow single track that seemed to constantly flow up and down like a roller coaster ride. Lots of short steep little climbs that got your heart rate up - which I can attest to cause it felt like I was redlining the entire ride.

From what Petey and Dave were saying, Palgrave is very much like what Albion Hills (which coincidently is right next door and we rode through) used to be like before the masses of people started riding there. It is completely legal to ride Palgrave. Our entire ride we say no other riders and only two or three walkers. It also does get some equestrian use.

Post ride/pre-spin back to Dingle Court coffees.
Pfffft. . . travel all this way and CEO/president of Misfit Psycles couldn't spring for a $5.75 Toaster Special?! Bastard.

On our return trip to the Court of Dingle we rpm'd our legs out on a country road. I had numerous things working against me: I was sick, my legs were fugged, my rear hub was dragging and to Peter's credit - he was faster than me. Despite only getting out for a handful of rides, he looks to be on good form for the season. He's still a penis.

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