Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I was going to do a post on our trip to the I9 factory, but I think that I will wait for Curvy Butt to type something up and poach off him. He's a better writer, is employed in and understands the manufacturing industry, and took more/better photos than I did. Plus, I am sick and don't feel like it.

The past few weeks have been stupid crazy busy for me. Things are winding down into a sort of semi routine like life again. And what usually happens to me after busy-ness, road trips and riding is sickness. Never seems to fail that I get a bad cold just as things are starting to slow up. The past couple days are no exception.....I assure you that I am snot filled, achy, and tired sick.

It began on my return to my little family after being away, way down south for four or five days. The Peanut had the green elevens (green mucus oozing from both nostrils) going on and was cranky and not feeling too well. One day at home then it was off to Toronto where the wifey was having surgery. Nothing too serious, just a little breast augmentation. I jest of course . . . actually, she was suffering from hernia that occurred during labour. She blames the entire incident on me, nine months previous, for the one night that she let her guard and I took advantage of her - which resulted in her getting pregnant. Alas, I digress.

While in the big smoke I missed this event which I had planned on doing:

Family comes first though. I did get out for a ride while in the GTA with the Dark Lord himself - report to come. If you want to read some exciting race reports on the OBC Paris Roubaix, click on over to Tall Trees.

I am sick. Meh. It happens to all of us at some point. And as I type this, it's sunny and plus 17 degrees outside with no wind - perfect day for a road ride. However . . . I am staying in and resting.

Lots and lots of junk to blog about that has taken place over the course of the past couple weeks.

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Kark said...

unfortunately I pooched the photos at I9 by leaving the camera on a setting for outdoors & such so they're a bit noisy. oh well.
hope yer feeling better.