Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sign Me Up

Signed up today for two 100 mile races down in the States as part of the National Ultra Endurance Race Series: The Mohican 100 and The Wilderness 101. The latter will be my second attempt, and the former will be new to me. Both are going to hurt, but both will be so much fun . . . I'm hoping.

Will be traveling down with Tommy, another rider of a Misfitian creation, for the Mohican in June.

Last year I traveled down to PA all by my lonesome. This year it looks like Disco Stu will be joining me and maybe one or two more as well.

It's a shame that there are no real long events like these here in Ontario. The only ones that come to mind that are even close are The Marathon Series (only 70 kms/43.5 miles) and Crank The Shield (three day stage race). Both of these two events I am doing (in the case of the Marathon series I'll be doing two or three of them based on my available time off).

I love longer type races. I am not built, designed, nor capable of going really fast over a short distance. Takes me about three hours just to warm up. I'm actually more suited to a sedentary lifestyle of laying on the couch and eating chips, that or being a boat anchor.


rick is! said...

wifey is trying to convince me to do the 101. maybe, just maybe I'll be there.

Christopher Averett said...

See you in Loudenville.

the original big ring said...

If I recall correctly Richard, you said last year that you'd be at the 101 AND on a SS . . . freak'in lying bastard

Chris - excellent!

rick is! said...

I MAY be there but, most likely, it won't be SS. I honestly can't stomach the thought of riding that course single.

Montana said...

Nice. I'll see ya at both. I hear the Mohican is quite a bit easier than the 101