Monday, May 31, 2010

50-50 Medical

*Note: keep in mind the first part (pink) of this post was typed up Thursday before my physiotherapy appointment, the latter (regular font) is afterwards.

Big hairy drumstick. Ice knee four/five times a day and Advil every four hours.

It could be worse. I could need surgery, but it doesn't look like I do
(though that could change with an MRI scheduled in the not so distant future). Dislocated knee cap and trauma to the underlying connective tissues have left it swollen and sore. Physiotherapy had commenced Tuesday - assessing, planning, measuring, poking, prodding, stretching, electric stimulation, ultra sound, icing . . . good times.

On a positive note, I was allowed to ride for 20 minutes yesterday and slightly longer today. Whoot! When she said 20 minutes, I took it as a guideline. Meh. Forty aren't going to make that much difference, will they? Knee felt great while riding - tracking properly, strength was adequate, no aches or pains . . . until I tried to unclip. Turning motion is a beeatch. Two weeks of 'aggressive' physio is hopefully going to get me on the healing track.

Lungs: since my last doctor's appointment I've been taking a 24 hr allergy suppressant on the recommendation of my doctor. And it's helped! Mucus in my lungs and sinus cavities are dramatically lessened, breathing has improved, energy levels are returning. Apparently it's never too late to get allergies and that's especially true in the Ottawa Valley, which must me some sort of "Bermuda Triangle" of developing allergies. So, hopefully that's *all* my breathing/energy levels were. Going to an allergy doctor in September for testing.

* a day later . . . . from bad to worse . . . .

After my initial assessment with my sports physiotherapist, she had second thoughts on my injury and began to dig a little deeper. By the end of our second session, more poking and prodding revealed a very possible Anterior Cruciate Ligament tear, or ACL. When the words left her mouth my face must have looked like someone burned down my house with all my bikes in it. Anyone who has spent time playing/watching sports most likely knows that an ACL is one of the worst knee injuries that you can get. She was quick to say that she can't confirm it until after an MRI scan. I got the feeling that she was trying to spare me some grief and was doing some damage control and trying to remain positive.

Meh. What's a guy to do?! We'll see what happens, we'll see what the MRI reveals. Despite having a free health care system up here in Canada, you end up waiting a long time for specialty services (such as MRI's) and surgeries. Gwad knows how long I'm going to have to wait to get in for imaging, let alone see an orthopedic surgeon if I do need to go under the knife - but a guess-timate puts me in surgery sometime between December and February.

Upside (yes, there is an upside!) . . . I'm allowed back on the bike. Whoot! There's not really much more that I can do to damage the ligament. I've been told that it's probably a good idea that I avoid running, but I don't like running anyway. So, it's back on the bike for me.

Now some much needed recovery and shape building needs to begin once again this season. I've been down and out since the last week or two in April. Phatness, or rather fitness isn't going to happen over night. Hopefully the knee will cooperate and get me on the road to physical and mental re-shape'ness.


cornfed said...

My ortho riding buddies always tell me that you can still ride a bike with a torn ACL. You can even run, just not off-road run.

MCL would have ruined your bike time.

ACL surgery actually will have you on a road bike or stationary bike rather quickly.

I hate it for you though and hope surgery isn't required.

Anonymous said...

Tell the cop shop that it happened at work, go on WSIB, claim mental stress, and take the next year off recuperating (riding your bike). After all, if they catch you riding your bike while you're off sick just tell the truth - that it's part of your rehab.

rick is! said...

I totally missed you blowing your knee out. Get well!

CB2 said...

Who want to run when you can ride a bike?!
Hope you get worked through the system quickly, heal straight and fast.

Big Bikes said...

Good luck with everything.
Got my fingers crossed for it not being a torn ACL.