Thursday, May 13, 2010


The season is off to a flying start and going down the crapper.

Later today I have my third doctor's appointment in two and a half weeks. I thought a round of antibiotics would set me straight and I'd be feeling better, but I've only been feeling worse. I got out for a ride yesterday, which turned out to be a very short ride. It ended in more frustration, disappointment and my motivation spiraling down the crapper. Being unable to shake whatever bug, illness, or infection that my body is fighting is starting to be too much. I'm tired all the time, I have no energy or power on the bike, even the slightest moderate output has feeling spent.

So I've made the decision to pull the plug on the Mohican 100. It's quickly approaching and I am no where near prepared for it. I'll be selling off my entry, so if you're interested e-mail me (find it over there----> under my profile dealie) and I'll give you a good deal.

Here's hoping for some good news soon.


Tommy said...

Yikes..I had no idea your illness was as bad as it is. Rest up, get well soon, and hammer the next 100.

the original big ring said...

cheers Tommy - was looking forward to traveling to the Mohican with you. Hopefully all will come well. Next stop, Wilderness 101 . . . I hope.

Anonymous said...
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