Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pink Retail Therapy

I was feeling down and out over the weekend, thinking about how fat I am, how I can't ride the bike, my lung infection/mystery illness, my fucking dislocated knee . . . my mood was like a big terd swirling down the crapper. . . brown & down. In the past number of years, this is the lowest I've felt.

Trying not to focus on it all, trying to remain positive, trying to keep busy.
Been selling off a lot of my bike stuff over the past couple of months that I no longer use or want. Proceeds were to go paying for races and bike related events. However, due to the lack of riding/racing and the fact that I've had to pull out of a few races, have I've left that extra money burning a hole in my pocket. Alas, during a moment of weakness while surfing on-line, I ended up buying a set of pink Chris King single speed hubs and a bunch of other stuff that I *probably* don't need . . . but want.
Don't be fooled - I am not at all a rich man. I've been selling off bike parts left, right and centre in order to afford these.
Any extra money left over may go towards one of these, if I don't win this first.

Yeah, yeah, yeah . . . I know what I said about Industry Nine hubs being my next wheelset a while back, but the price for the hubs alone is what I paid for Kings, rims, Stan's valves, and two tires. Until I9 come to their senses and offer me sponsorship, they're out of my price range for the time being.

Yes, I did order pink ss hubs. I've had some people tell me that I'm trying to be like 'a certain rider'. I'm sure I'll get it again with the new wheelset too. However, the reason I had a pink bike built up, with pink bits on it and now even more pink bits is for my daughter, The Peanut. Ever since she was born, I've been gravitating towards pink stuff: clothes (perhaps some day a pink jersey), bike parts, nick-nacks, etc. When I see the colour pink it reminds me of her, and that makes me smile. So fuck you.

I *may* even have a pink t-shirt made in my honor (or shame - depends upon how you look at it). Want one? Go to the Dark pages and plead for them to be made.

Pffftt . . . Dicky's got his own t-shirt . . . now so do I?
Order your "the barlow" today.


Unknown said...

I'll take one in an xs... no I haven't lost weight, that's for xtra slow!

Also, you know what they say about lemons... enjoy the forced time off, rest up and enjoy the family. Take it from an old fart before you know it they are all grown up.

cornfed said...

I've been rocking the pink kings since '06, Dicky's not been a king man, more of a queen.

More like me, less like him.

Love and Kisses,
Sir Pays his own way too.