Thursday, June 10, 2010

B4H Bike Prep Night

Wednesday evening was bike prep night for Bicycles For Humanity.

About 167 or so bikes from the last bike drive to prep for the container at the end of the month.

Luc, Scott, Marc, Cedric and myself got through about 100 - wheels off, pedals off, handle bars turned, seat dropped, front wheel zipped tied to bike, kick stands removed if there was one - just to get it as compact as possible to squeeze as many bikes as we can in a shipping container.

I think Marc is thinking of trading in his speedy road bike for this neon beauty. I don't think that I could keep up with this skinny, leg shaving, mtn goat climbing fiend even with him riding it.

Even Seb and Sandra got their hands dirty. They're the brains and organizers who work tirelessly behind the Ottawa chapter of Bicycles For Humanity.

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Seb said...

:) 'twas a good night - thanks Craig!