Monday, June 28, 2010

Dirty Enduro

I was unable to participate at Paul's Dirty Enduro last year - it's one of my all time favourite races to do in Ontario. It is a grassroots, well organized, fun, laid back race put on by people who know the meaning of riding and who support an exceptional cause. Super prizes, great food, awesome atmosphere and wicked single track. They offer a 100k, 60k, 30k, 15k and kids race.

Just got an e-mail over the weekend from the good folks at Bloomfield Bicycle Company regarding trail status in the Ganaraska forest and some of the hard work they and volunteers are doing. Have a look below.
The permanent marking of the 60k course of Paul's Enduro has begun and is making progress in earnest. The map below shows how far the markers had made it by the middle of June. Rick and Mark Linford got the markers down to the C feedzone last week.

The signs are mounted on aluminum plates that are screwed onto happy trees (we leave those sad trees alone)
Many folks have expressed interest in helping out with this project and that is the purpose of this email.
For the rest of the season Rick will be meeting folks in the parking lot at the Ganaraska Forest Centre at noon on WEDNESDAYS. (Every Wednesday, weather NOT considered, they go out even if it rains) and he would love to have any and all help that would like to come along.
If you would like to join in please bring yourself, your bike, your helmet, any snacks or water that you will need to be on the trails for a few hours, a cordless drill (if you have one) with a spare battery and a number two robertson drill bit for sign mounting.
Thanks to everyone for their support over the years for this most ambitious project ... but after five years of talking we're finally seeing some action! Wheee!

- kt and rick and erynn and adam and ali and everyone here at the Bloomfield Bicycle Company.

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