Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cottage Century

During out little family vacation to a cottage that we rented up near Barry's Bay last week, I managed to get out for long road/gravel ride in Renfrew County. It's hilly country up that way, especially in and around the Foymount. Prior to spraining my ankle I had been getting lots of riding in, no real distance riding, but riding nonetheless. This was my first 100 kms (despite what the map above says I did managed a little over 100 km) in a while and I was surprised how good I felt throughout.

Long country roads

Country signs

Country views - highest populated point in all of Ontario.

Country community.
Foymount is the highest populated point in all of Ontario. During the Cold War it was an RAF base established to keep a watchful eye out for Russian nuclear bombers. It's also home of the Seirra Design Outlet Store . . . be advised, it will be closing soon and not re-opening - so if you want some nice cheap outdoor clothing and gear you'd better start riding your bike there.

Wolverines! Who needs an RAF base when you've got the Wolverines.
I didn't see any Wolverines or Reds in Foymount.

Country climbs - this just kept going and going.

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