Monday, July 5, 2010

If you don't go, you'll never know

I worked a 12 hr shift Canada Day night and into Friday morning. One of the busiest days/nights of the year and I was tired. Got home and managed to get an entire two hours of sleep before I was getting ready for a ride in the Gats with Gilles.

Gilles on some nice double track section.
Gilles was sporting enough to come explore a trail that I just found last week on my soaking wet ride. Had no idea what was in store, but if it was anything like what I rode last week it was going to be a hoot.

Turns out I was partially wrong. While there were some fun sections, it was a lot of hike a bike. In retrospect it wasn't that bad and only took up about 1/3 of our ride. I don't think that I'd attempt riding it again though, regardless, it was worth taking the trail just to see where it went and exploring the beauty landscape.

Gilles still smiling despite all the hike-a-bike sections I led him through.
A lake we discovered which neither of us had ever seen before. Quite pretty in fact.

Our planned two hour ride turned into a little more than three hours by the end of it. I was pretty pooped as fatigue started to catch up to me - all I wanted to do towards the end of it was crawl into bed and go to sleep. Luckily we parked in the bakery parking lot in Wakefield - nothing like ending a ride with a fresh big fat chocolate oatmeal cookie waiting for you.

*Friday's ride was my first of three in a row for the weekend. Tomorrow and Wednesday's post will be on my trip up to Mt. St. Marie for some trail building and riding.


Papa G said...

I could have done without the hike-a-bike but I really enjoyed the new trails you showed me, some fun trails for sure.

Anonymous said...

Is that brown's lake?

I use to do that loop all the time.

Great ride is:
start from ottawa to 5 to 15 to 1 to 24 to 40 down then to 36 to 50 to 52 to 53 then to Carmin trails then to power line to FP then up Penquin to 15 to 5 and back to ottawa...

Its been a looonnng time since I did that that one though. Use to do this and a couple of others for training for 100 milers..

the original big ring said...

nope, Carmen Lake . . . I think.
we did ride past Brown Lake though

yep, that's an excellent route you mentioned.