Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tested out the new stoppers. They say 'race' on them, but I haven't been racing this year.

Meech Lake.

Hydrated so well that I had to take a leak while riding - that's a very good sign for me, I never pee. I'm sure Mr. Toad here also appreciated me not giving him a golden shower as well.

Fields near Cross Loop Rd.

Allergy suffers beware. Had to walk through a tall field of golden rod (i think that's what it is).

My first mtn bike ride in a month, since my accident. Five hours in the saddle, wearing an ankle brace....blisters.


CB2 said...

I'm trying new brakes tonight;
We can be virtual bffs!
Blisters and all it must be fun being back on the mtb.

Disco Stu said...

How were the new brakes?

Anonymous said...

how are those trails?
I'm tempted to try them again.
Did you get on at the school?
is there any cut looping the stuff from both sides of the highway?
are there a lot of down trees? (FP, PL, MO etc...)

I use to maintain those trails. I think the only person maintaining them is some older fella, but he doesn't come out till the fall in preparation for ski season.

Those trails are just excellent. About 40km of real single track. Can't find that anymore in the gats.

I betcha they start digging up the 8,6,17,9, etc... next. The contractors are getting hungry and the federal department fed money.
Damn shame if they do... damn shame.

Anonymous said...

did you die?
or tied up by a vanier hooker?

where did you go?