Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Just back very early this morning from my trip down south in Colorado. One word sums it all up: Un-freaking-believable.

Gimme a few days to get all my 352 photos up on Flickr..... when you're surrounded by the beauty that I was riding in you end of taking a lot of shots. If you just can't wait, clicky clicky here to view Goats and Sean's photos. I did steal two photos from them that sums up the riding and the beauty.


Strand Hill Ride


The Evil MGE! said...

Twas good having ya here Canadian Bacon. The 1st photo is actually 403 but no matter, it was just as spectacular.
The Explorer gets new tires, rims, and shocks this weekend along with the ground effects torn off. Torsion Bar and shackle lift next. Will be badass, just not as badass as Sean's Tacoma.

Anonymous said...

once yah go yah never come back?

Anonymous said...

Can you folks pass along in the bike community - DO NOT STOP FOR ANYONE IN THE GATINEAUS!

I had someone pull what looked like a gun on me tonight. The guy tried to put me in handcuffs.

The incident happened around 7:15 or so tonight (Sat Sept 12th) on the northern loop parking lot on the Gatineau parkway.

Description of driver:
1) in his 40s approx
2) approx 5'9
3) wearing baseball cap with words Marshal on it
3) wearing orange vest with words Marshal on it with Marshal badge
3) gun holster with gun and handcuffs
4) grey 4 door sedan which he had parked up against the northern facing trees. The vehicle also had a bike rack with a green kona mtb.

I did't get the plate number unfortunately. Just gunned it out of there in case he did have a taser.

This guy was pretty determine and very assertive.

Please ensure the bike community knows. Who knows what this guy is capable of.
That is definetly the most weirdest thing that has ever happened to me in all my years of riding up there and I've biked up there at all hours of the night.

Just be aware! Don't stop for anyone. I just hope he doesn't become more aggressive and starts using his vehicle as a weapon.

(I tried notifying the media to let people know, but the Chelsea police doesn't seem to want to release details on the incident. Don't friggen ask me why... I think people should know about this sorts of stuff so they can be aware and prepared to react appropriate if confronted by him. )