Monday, December 13, 2010

Jebus does really love you . . .

. . . and yes, I do really love you too.
(well, maybe not love - it's a strong word, but I've been known to say lots of things to attract 'followers')

But apparently no one really believes me or cares. I'm guessing the latter. The response was less than overwhelming. I thought that the 37,000 stickers that I had printed would have crammed the post box fuller than Christmas letters to Santa and that half of Ottawa would be at my doorstep asking for one.

Lamer than lame.
Count 'em. Eight.

I believe that all but one were unsolicited mailings of stickers. Perhaps readers thought the sticker was a lark. Rest assured, it is not.

Okay, I didn't actually print 37,000 stickers. But the first batch is almost gone - yup, eight mailings nearly took them all - that's how popular I really expected them to be. Alas, a second printing is in the works.
(clicky clicky on the image to take you to the sticker web site for all of you wanting to copy me and make your own custom sticker)

I did however manage to procure two new faceless followers. Smashing the number of Dicky's 'followers' at this rate should put me at some time around when hell freezes over or maybe when pigs fly. Meh.

He does exist.
You only have to believe and send me your mailing address.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

sell porn. You'd get more responses. I have a bicycle jesus hung up in my bedroom. Everyone hates it.

god like things aren't cool anymore.

Now, if you have a poster of the dude that was totally high as kite, I might be interested in that for my front hallway.

people would ask "who is that guy"
I would respond "I haven't a damn clue, but he looks so high"

that would leave a question mark in people's mind. It would baffle them in confusion. They would leave. I'd have a large supper all to myself. A money saver that poster would be.