Friday, December 31, 2010

Pink Eye, Last Skate Ski, Happy New Years

Did someone fart on my pillow?
Over Christmas it seems I was given the gift that keeps on giving - Pink Eye.  On Boxing Day I noticed one of my little nephews rubbing his eye and it was very red.  His mom figured he bumped his eye or something.  A day and a half later The Peanut has the same thing.  Fugg.

If a virus, bug, mysterious bacterial infection is out there, floating around, I manage to always pick it up.  Lucky me for having a shit immune system.  Red, watery, mucusy and stingy.  Sucks ass.

Was going to let a little Pink Eye get me down.  Got out for my first bit of exercise in the last week or so (I did play hockey for about two hours on Boxing Day) Thursday.  Was my last skate ski of 2010.  Weather is turning to shit today/tonight/tomorrow.  Highs of plus seven (that's 44.6 Fahrenheit for you 'Mericans) for tomorrow.  If it's not raining, like is predicted, I hope to get out for a New Years Day road ride - good way to start the New Year off I imagine. 

Vegan Vagabond making strides up a l-o-n-g  hill.

Icy waterfall.


1 comment:

Jason said...

Mmmmm, pink eye pus. yum-oh!

I had it last summer. Not unexpected though, since I play with my bung a lot. Kidding of course.

But not really.

Take the medicine until it's gone. trust me.