Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Stash Results

I don't know what mathematical masterminds work at Blogger, but from my calculations 9 (22%) + 13 (32%) = 22 (54%) AND 19(47%) + 1 (2%) = 20 (49%) . . . . percentages add up to 103 %. I know I give 103 % all of the time, but mathematically it don't make sense.
Also, 22 + 19 = 41 . . . there were 40 votes. ?

Either way, after a very close poll, the "No's" out weighed the "Keep it".

Going . . .

. . . going . . .

. . . gone.

I was surprised at the number of votes. To be honest, I voted once myself, and I can only imagine my wife voted numerous times in the "No" column. I liked the stash and look forward to next Movember.


Kim said...

It was me. Your poll allowed multiple choices, so I picked both
Yes, you look like an out-of-work 70s porn star AND
No, you frighten small children and puppy dogs.

Hedgin' my bets.

Unknown said...

"Hedgin'"... as in hedgehog? I didn't know he was out of work! Not saying I know who he is... :-o But if I did know who he is I'd say the stache did resemble the hedgehog from the 70's.

CB2 said...

You skipped right over Hitler 'stache

dicky said...

That took way too long.

Anonymous said...

where the hell did this guy go?


Peter Keiller said...

this is why i come here.
my eyes, they need to be punished.

Kim said...

Next poll:

Do the eyebrows both go, or only one?

the original big ring said...

Kim - thanks for lop-siding the vote....hedging indeed.

Lenny - you know you wished you touched it (the mustache, not the hedge)

Charles - my Hebrew readers would have found that most un-politically incorrect.

Richard - longer than you are tall - wee man.

Anon - he's eating Oreos and cheese puffs

Deter - suck arse.