Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Two Days, Two Skis, Lots of Phlegm

Trails from P7 - absolutely shitty.  Crooked, crumbly, lacking shape and depth - and they had just groomed it as I pulled into the parking lot. I don't know what Demis and the NCC are thinking.  Please bring back Lafleur!
 Was supposed to ski Monday night with Curvy Butt, but it was way to cold for my slowly recovering throat and lungs to handle.  Tuesday warmed up quite a bit, so I managed to get out for an classic xc ski.  I've been skiing mostly skate this year and have been loving it.  With classic skiing I find that I can keep my heart rate lower and not work as hard - it seemed to be the best choice for a ski considering I'm still trying to get over The Most Horrible Flu Ever.

It turns out that I am gradually disliking classic xc skiing more and more.  The more skate skiing I do the more I like it and the less I enjoy classic skiing.

Look-off from the Top of Penguin.
 Track skiing is becoming so boring to me.  I decided that once to the top of Penguin that I was going to duck into the woods from some backcountry trials despite having only my classic race skis.

Some backcountry ski trail just off Ridge which leads out to the #34.
 It was way more fun in the woods than in the track set.  A little unstable because of my narrower skis, but lots of fun and a better workout I found.  I need to pick up a set of wider, shorter skis for the backcountry stuff.

P10 was nearing capacity at about 1pm, mid week.  Crazy.
I decided to skate ski today after wanting to burn my classic skis after yesterday's outing.  Don't know what I was thinking starting at the base of Fortune.  I haven't skied for almost two weeks since getting sick and to be faced with a steady 4 or so km climb.  Blehk. I had to stop frequently to blow my nose and hork lugies up.  Tasty stuff.  Skiing alone I tend to go too hard up the climbs and end up blowing up.  I really need to learn how to pace up a long climb such as Fortune. 

Fortune climb.
Ridge was firm and good skiing.  Too bad I was fading half way through it and decided to turn around.
So stuffed up and lacking energy to the point I decide I needed to go home.  Was not a good ski, but was good to be back outside and away from the trainer.
Grooming on the Parkways was not impressive.  There was a ridge on both sides of the skate lane, not nearly as flat or as wide as it could have been.  Am I the only one dissatisfied with the grooming in the park??

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Anonymous said...

I don't know what Demis and the NCC are thinking. Please bring back Lafleur

-- ain't much snow this year. Thank momma nature.

need snow making machines.