Sunday, February 13, 2011

Team Spider Tech

'Member when I was wondering what happened to Svein Tuft?

Team SpiderTech, Canada’s first professional cycling team to achieve UCI Professional Continental status introduces
Canadian Squad

-  Team sets off for 2011 inaugural racing season powered by C10 a unique alliance of leading Canadian companies -

TORONTO, February 4, 2011 – Team SpiderTech today unveiled Canada’s first ever professional cycling team to achieve UCI Professional Continental status, one level before the Tour de France.   Never before has a Canadian team been in pursuit of the Tour de France, considered the highest level in pro cycling in the world.

According to Team SpiderTech founder Steve Bauer, Olympic silver medalist and fourth place finisher at the 1988 Tour De France and one of only two Canadians ever to wear the coveted yellow jersey, this team has what it takes to compete against the best in the world.

“Each year since 2008, we have climbed successively to the next level of professional cycling in our pursuit of the Tour,” said Bauer.  “For the first time in Canadian sports history, a Canadian professional cycling team achieved Division 2 status, a Professional Continental license, which means we will race at events across Europe and in North America that will host many of the top professional cycling teams on the Tour.  We will get experience, we will challenge and by 2013 we hope to reach World Tour status and be invited to race at the Tour de France,” he added.
That's Svein on the left.
A Canadian team to root for in the Tour!?!  Whaa Hoo!  What'd be even more wicked is if we brought fighting to cycling (like hockey).  A bunch of skinny, toothless Canucks with shaved legs on bikes dropping the cycling gloves on a climb up some French mountainside to duke it out with some European rider.  Whaa hoooo!

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Disco Stu said...

Imagine Phil Liggett commentating: "Cavendish doesn't have a chance as Tuft has his jersey over his head and is delivering repeated upper cuts to the jaw!!!"
Of course, Liggett would be able to spice it up more than that, but you get the idea!