Friday, April 15, 2011

Gatineau Parkway Update

I got out for a road ride today, only my second time on the bike after returning from North Carolina on Sunday and my first attempt into the park since I was last on skis.  I've been watching Charles' Parkway Ice/Snow Watch with interest and wanted to check it out for myself. 
Little bit of snow heading down towards the Kingsmere Rd overpass.  No need to get off the bike.
Big patch of ice under the overpass.  In the sunlight, if you didn't know better, you might think that it was just wet.  You need to dismount!
The little climb after the overpass heading up to Penguin there is a washout on your righthand side - reminiscent of last years damage on the road in the same area.
North Loop (P8 Parking lot) is taped off due to another washout.  I didn't bother heading past it, but I am guessing that the North Loop is completely snow/ice free - it usually goes first.
I turned back after reaching P8 and rode back to the Champlain turn-off.  Here's as far as I got as the snow before Lac Bourgeois is thick:
photo credit to Gatineau Guide
Pink Lake still frozen over but shows signs of breaking up.

**Back to the NC Road Trip report on Monday.**

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