Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Update

Friday, May 6th Gatineau Park opens to motor vehicular traffic.  Time to get all of your not-having-to-look-over-your-shoulder-riding in . . . . if Mother Nature will even cooperate.  
Worst.  Spring.  Ever. 

CN Cycle for CHEO
My day off and it's raining.  Was really hoping to get out for a ride today.  This weekend was a brutally mentally and physically . . . worked Friday afternoon and night but managed to squeeze in a short'ish road ride during the day.  Saturday - an early day shift, a quick out and back in the park with Curvy, dinner with the family at friend's house, then home to bed early.  Sunday, up at 4:50 AM and nine hours as the Route Marshall for the CN Cycle for the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, then it was off to work until very late last night.  I'm beat and glad the weekend is over.  Was REALLY hoping for an easy, peaceful ride today.  Mother Nature is a real mutha . . . she must hate me.

5 & 2 km walk, 15 km bike, 35 km bike and 70 km bike.
Over the past few weeks I've been volunteering my time helping organize the CN Cycle for CHEO route, liaising with Ottawa Police Service, the City of Ottawa and businesses that were going to be affected by the 70 km route this past Sunday morning.  It was a huge responsibility, lots of headaches, big logistics, but came off nearly without an issue.  Sunday came early as I spent the very early part of the morning setting up the route and  closing down intersections.  Then it was damage control, problem solving, assisting volunteers, and making sure cyclists were safe, happy and having a good time.   
I've seen enough pylons and barricades until next year.
 I don't have a lot of time to spare and give away, and that I do goes to a good cause.  Both charity groups that I volunteer for (CN Cycle for CHEO and Bicycles For Humanity) just so happen to be bicycle related.  If I am going to spend my free time helping out it may as well be around the thing I like to do. 

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