Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Saturday Curvy Butt and I got out for a 'connect-the-dots' ride.  We spent time riding semi-familiar trails, ones we've ridden only once or twice and trying to find new ones.  Success!
Culvert under highway.
Poor dirty tired legs.
Part of our loop took us up the CBC climb at Fortune.  By this point in the ride my legs were fried.  I was already behind the eight ball from the start of the ride after being outdoors for 10.5 hours straight in the blistering sun the day before working and sweating my balls off.  If you squint real hard you can see Curvy waaaaaay at the top, while I . . . .
. . . . was waaaaaay at the bottom saying, "Fugg that."
Both filthy and smelly.
With the exploratory riding we've been doing it's ignited a new excitement for getting out to ride.  I'm looking forward to linking a bunch of new trails together and hopefully mapping them out.

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