Monday, July 18, 2011

Long miles

I haven't gotten in any kind of long road miles since early May.  Excuses and good reasons and lack of interest have kept me from searching out new roads, gravel and scenic routes.  As a result, my longer trail rides have begun to suffer with my endurance beginning to fade later in the ride.  Only one cure, hit the road for some long slow distances.  Tuesday was the day just for that. 

Big washout over in Cantley.
Quebecois are a funny bunch and love their cement lawn ornaments.  Someone gave this one too many purple nurples. 

Lillies were in abundance along the sides of the roads.  LSD rides are great for stopping and smelling the flowers.

Gatineau River
So nice to get some long miles in, but nicer to come home to The Peanut.  We've been spending lots of time in "Daddy's workshop working" - she now knows how to put the pump head on the valve (can't lock it yet) and begins to pump the tire.

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Anonymous said...

lol... she looks awesome in the hat man, love it.

i hear smh is a 'bug'ger these days so road is good!

tam and i rode mtb in GP on sat for the 1st time in 2 years... killed us, slept away the rest of the weekend. :/