Thursday, August 18, 2011

Roads Less Traveled in Cape Breton

Whenever I go home to Cape Breton I always take a bike and ride parts of the Cabot Trail.  If you've never been or ridden the trail, you should really go.  

But, I've done it lots and this time back home I decided to ride something different.  So, I brought along some fat knobby tires and my CX bike and sought out the roads less traveled - old Cape Breton farm and logging roads. 

Piper Glen Rd Soutwest Margaree
Steep dirt road climbs and descents

Mabou Coal Mines Rd
Mabou Coal Mines Rd with overlook of ocean.

Old farm/logging roads on the map but hard to find in person.
That road above turned into a riverbed which I ended up walking for 1.5 km to get me to another logging/farm road.

Met some friends in the highlands.
Some clear cutting of some spruce stands due to beetle infestations near Sight Point.
Inverness Beach in the background.
One of my rides ended at Inverness Beach - chilly windy day, no one swimming - I jumped in to wash off the mud and dirt and help the legs recover.
Cape Breton back roads look very much like Quebec roads.
Three tubes were sacrificed to the back roads.


CB2 said...

My family is from Windsor. Grandfather was born there. His sister's family is still there.

A. Webster said...

Just gorgeous!! Hope to get back out that way someday.

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Anonymous said...

Grat Pics Grumpy

Andy said...

Wow, looks quite epic. Well done!