Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tour de Goat - Day II (Vail, CO)

Tour de Goat 2011

Riding Vail was our first day at 'altitude'.  Here in Ottawa we're at 246 ft (74 meters) above sea level.  The approximate altitude of Vail, Colorado is 8150 ft (2484 meters).  That's a difference of . . . . 7904 ft (2409 meters).  Fugg me!  Needless to say I was sucking wind and sucking wind hard.  It didn't help when Jeremy punched me in the nose when I 'mentioned' that I missed the single speed.
Despite hardly being able to breath due to the height and fatigued from a cold I was in good mood - how could you not with views like this all day?!? I've never seen skies so blue as I have in Colorado. 
The Vail ride was memorable - ribbon like single track, wide open vistas, beautiful aspens changing colours, super high speed descents, technical downs along the river, good times and non-stop laughs, farting, and bbq lunch.
The Goat should be a tour operator as he does not disappoint in finding stellar routes.
There were plenty of opportunities to stop and take in the scenery on the climbs.

Photos stolen from Dr. Claw and The Goat - check out there fab photos.  Dicky has also been posting up a play-by-play of the week.  

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