Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fat rides and Rumours

Thursday's night ride in the hills left my legs feeling a little tuckered out.  Seemed me and Fritz stood around more than normal shooting the breeze - maybe because we were both feeling it.

No bird in the tree.

Just one in Fritz's hand.

Who's fat?

At the end of the ride on Friday I was starving, so I gobbled down whatever I had in the bottom of my bag.  Cliff Builder bar was remarkably good!  But then again, when you're starving the arse end of a dead rhino would be appealing. 
Saturday I was a bit pooped and had a bunch of stuff to do around the house so decided to take the day off and get some things done.  I did get out for a short ride in the freezing temperatures Sunday with Peter and Tanya (the cyclist formerly known as the Vegan Vagabond).  Overnight the water main on our street busted open due to freezing up after a warm spell and we ended up with no water all day/night Sunday.  With no water to fill my pack I had to resort to using club soda.  Meh.  It did what it was supposed to do - hydrate - but I was burping the entire ride.  I also forgot my camera, but Peter shot a nice little video of part of our ride.
That big fat tire, and the big fat arse just above the tire is moi.  

What I found interesting from Sunday's ride was the rolling speed I had compared to Peter and Tanya.  Peter was on a 26'er, Tanya on a 29'er and me on the fattie.  Conditions were hard packed - so much so hat Peter was running studs.  On the flats where the two skinny tire riders would coast, I had to peddle just to keep up.  Not really a surprise considering: I had a heavier bike, I had big fatter tires and contact patch, my gut is bigger than the two of theirs combined.  That being said, I think that I still had more fun!

Do you read Bike Rumor?  I usually go there two or three times daily to get updated on new bikes, parts, industry news, etc.   I thoroughly enjoy the site.  So much so that I even sent in a photo from a recent ride that Kristi posted up - check it out.


Anonymous said...

Thats a lovely song Peter chose for that...

PJ said...

thoroughly enjoyed that afternoon ride with you guys…& the SMH Bike Rumor pic is wonderful…thanks for sharing!