Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fat tires, views (and poos) from below, and little things in the woods

I have a dog.  I pick up his crap.  So why am I picking up someone else's dog shit off the trail??  The fairly recent partnership with the city to create a sustainable trail system for riders has been nothing but amazing for us (mtn bikers).  The South March Highlands trail system has been growing in increasing popularity not just with riders, but with hikers, snow shoers, skiers, dog walkers, and so on.  That's not a bad thing.  However, I predict future user conflicts arising.  The steaming bag of dog sit above is one example.  In the last handful of rides I've done out in KL I've been met on the trail by people giving me dirty looks while I ride toward them.  I ALWAYS say hello and ALWAYS say THANK YOU when they step off the trail to let me by (if I'm not stopping to let them go by first).  But I get the feeling that there are those on the trail system who are either unfamiliar with the history of trail development (done most entirely by riders) or either don't care, and in-particular there seems to be a growing sense of 'trail-entitlement' by non-riders.  I hope that I am way off here, but I do predict future user conflict.  Perhaps that is unavoidable and can hopefully be resolved without someone getting punched in the throat. [and oh, to the dog owner who left the shit on the trail:  I did pick up and carry out that bag of doggy doo-doo.......just because you picked it up and put it in a compostible bag doesn't mean you can leave it on the trail dumb ass.]


I had the chicks eating out of my hand.  My ride was for the birds.   Gwad I slay myself!  Thank you, thank you . . . I'll be here all week long.

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