Friday, April 27, 2012

Day V - NC Road Trip 2012

On Clawhammer Rd on the way up to Black Mtn.  Notice the Maxxis Ardent?  Liking this tire.  Still haven't dialed in the air pressure yet, but no issues with it. 

Black Mtn on the way up to Club Gap and Avery Creek descent. 

Fire Rd 477 on the way back up to Club Gap to bomb down Bennett Gap.

Views from a look-off on Bennett.


CB2 said...

I'm really digging the Ardent too. Took me a log time to dial it in. I'm at 16psi now.

pv said...

Epic shots Big!

Stay outta the weeds ya nuggit! That's where the bears go!

the original big ring said...

Hey PV - you still aren't a "Follower" - your avatar dealie isn't over there ----->>

the original big ring said...

Chuck - I'm running mine at 18lbs, but I think I can drop it some more on the full squish - looking to run it on the rigid soon too.

J. Harp said...

I want to ride that terrain in my scoot bike. It looks challenging and wild. Do I need a map on this? Nice video!