Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Road Trip - Day I

If the van is a rocking . . . . King's surveilance van was a blessing and a curse.  It's a bloody pig on gas, get's blown all over the road and has a mind of it's own when it comes to steering.  However, we were able to pack all of our gear and bikes in comfortably with still tonnes of room to lay down on the back seat.  Small bumps on the road were magnified greatly in the back and often we'd find ourselves hitting the ceiling or rolling off the seat.  It's would make sense that it's larger interior would assist in spreading out the smell of any unwanted odours (ie. farts), but that was not the case.  The many windows did clear the frequent and foul stench from my traveling companions bums quite nicely though.

Day One: we stopped at Harrisonburg, VA and the Shenandoah Bicycle Company to find directions to the Southern Traverse trail.  With only one vehicle we had no other option than to ride the 30 or so mile loop.  We had a good chance to warm the legs with a 28 km country road spin.

In the middle of nowhere . . . only four or so cars passed us during our road spin.  Rolling, steep hills and farm land surrounded us.

6.5 km fire road climb to the beginning of the trail with sustained grades made for easy'ish climbing.

Trail Head to the Shenandoah Trail (a.k.a. The Southern Traverse).  The trail follows a ridge line for about 11 miles, all single track,  either on it or skirting around it. 

In most places it was nice bench cut trail, in others it seemed we'd be sliding off the side amongst piles of leaves.  Some pretty views.  The trail was mostly rolling: climbs followed by downs around ridges following the contour lines of the mountain.  The last 3-4 kms were fast, tight single track that kept you on your toes as you were careful to make tight corners. 

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