Friday, May 25, 2012

Fight The Power So You Can Run(Ride) To The Hills

I was over on The Goat's blog the other day (and if you haven't been recently you'd learn that he broke a paw while riding - go give your brother some support and kind words) reading about being a moral hoodlum.  I read the article and have to agree, despite being paid to do the right thing and preventing others from doing the wrong thing, that sometimes you need to fight the power.  I thought about all that during my ride Thursday . . .

There are lots of wide, non-technical trails in 'the park' . . . but I didn't ride too many of them today.  Did I just incriminate myself?!?!

Ribbon of single track amongst greenery and mosquitoes (they are getting bad).

Grandma's house - weren't any cookies in side though.

Broke Eddy out for the 3 + plus hour solo ride since I was Riding To The Hills.

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Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying some Iron Maiden lately in the saddle too, think I'll gather some more, no chance of locating my old albums though...c'mon itunes...