Sunday, June 3, 2012

Last Post

Since February 2007 I've been writing this blog . . . . just a little over five years.  
This is my last blog post.  
I just wanted to say thank you to those who have followed it, commented, and supported me through it.  
I've had fun and I hope you did too.  

See you on the trails.


Anonymous said...

Robbie from OZ

Arleigh Jenkins said...

good luck!

fitzski said...

What? I check in today... after forever... and see this? I call BS... you can't stay away, man.

Hope all is well!!!

(PS - Wow... somebody finally got signs up in SMH... I'll take partial credit for sitting on my ass on that one...)

dicky said...

I should not have gone on vacation. Both you and Grig Martin called it quits. WTF.

Anonymous said...



pv said...

Dood- we'll miss yer epicness! Still got yer pic in my bathroom, boots-n-pasties baby! Hug muddy pup fer meeeeeeee!

CB2 said...

What happens if I get a new bike? Where will I get a sticker?

Jason said...

thanks for all the posts man. good luck.

Anonymous said...

Craig, always enjoyed your humour, and this is a sad thing. Hope you are well, and see you soon! (@ Scott Forsyth's party, I hope).


ps - Fitski, AMEN!

Anonymous said...

That's too bad.