Saturday, May 12, 2007

Gold was in the box

I received a notice in the mail for a parcel to be picked up - was expecting something for our bathroom reno, but instead got this. Nice surprise!
A dozen gold ones.
I had been in touch with the fine folks at Progold Lubricants back in February and we had been playing e-mail tag for a while. I hadn't heard anything from them and figured that they gave up on me. When out of the blue this box arrives! Thank so very much Van - much appreciated!

Along with the Progold Chain Lubricant, came a tub of EPX Cycle grease, an awesome pair of mechanics gloves and some temporary tattoos (to hand out at races). I now have more chain lube than I could use in a lifetime. I've got a few creative ways to share the wealth and pass along this fantastic product. Look for me at the races, I'll be the one wearing the Progold Tattoos!

I sought out Progold as a sponsor because I've been using their product for years. I've tried others, but no other chain lube (in my opinion) is better in wet or dry conditions. Progold does what it says, it keeps the chain running clean and smooth. Those who know me, know that I keep all my bikes clean, clean, clean.

Thumbs up doods!

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gwadzilla said...

I used that PROGOLD stuff for the first time the other day

I am a believer!