Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hi ho, hi ho . . . . it's a climbing we will go

Okay . . . just one night after a fine sleep and I am feeling motivated to write a little. I got up early this morning, made a big pot of coffee (excuse me, just going up for a refill) . . . . and have had a chance to read a bunch of bloggers. I haven't done that in quite some time. It was good to catch up on what others have been doing. Funny, you spend time visiting and reading someone's blog and you feel like you know them a bit over time. Do you feel the same towards me? Do you love me? Love me! Love me.

Holy crap! AsI type this as it is dumping buckets and buckets of water outside. In an hour the Vegan Vagabond will be here to pick me up, then off to get Curvy Butt and the three of us will drive away, with bikes on the roof, to Mt St Marie for two days of suffering. Coach has a route planned with plenty of climbing involved. I don't mind climbing, but throw in being soaking wet for it . . . . . mmmmmm, perfect conditions for chaffing. No wonder my shorts always wear out here. Will be using some of this today . . . . and maybe the rest of the week.

Promise lots of pics from Mt St Marie. Until then, hugs and kisses.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Slog the blog

I don't know what to say. I've been feeling a little unmotivated to blog lately. I've got a tonne of ideas and things that I'd like to get down, but no time or energy to do it. I get a lot of motivation from reading other people's blogs. Unfortunately life has been extremely hectic the past couple of weeks and has sucked the life right out of me. Even training has taken a bit of a hit. The past two weekends have been heavy on riding, but in between there hasn't been a lot happening on the bike - partially due to weather on some days, others it's been stuff that I absolutely have to do and can't reschedule. Do you ever feel like life is getting in the way of riding? It used to be that riding was getting in the way of life (which I prefer). When I don't get out to ride I feel like a penned up animal in the zoo - just pacing back and fourth to get out and a wee bit restless, irritable and discontent.

I'm looking forward to this weekend, despite having to ride tomorrow in the rain. It's going to be so good to get back in saddle after last weekend's 8 hr. Next week is looking a little less hectic, so expect some better blogging. Here are a couple posts that I am working on: "The Burt", some photos of my new ink, a naked review (hubba hubba) that's been due for Citra Wipes, and some general ranting and raving.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Come back from a weekend of racing and it's go, go, go. No time to fart! Cleaning up from the race, doctor's appointments, dentist appointments, catching up on yard work, getting ready for coach's sufferfest-climbing weekend at Mt. St Marie starting Saturday (and ending Monday), meetings to go to, and blah, blah, blah. Luckily this is a rest week. One more three week block of hard training to go - then I'll peak. Yeah, that's right . . . . apparently I'll peak. Peek-a-boo! Peak for BC so that I can go over peaks (the mountain variety).

I'm so busy that I can't even make tonight's first Camp Fortune Sunset Series race. I really like this race and was planning on taking out the new, top secret bike (really, I've got to get around to unveiling that soon). Good luck to all the big ringers racing tonight.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Eight Is Enough

If you remember the TV shows from the 80's, and remarkably I do, Eight Is Enough was enough. I hated that show.

Actually, despite feeling tired, I could have kept going - but probably, like after filling my face at an all-you-can-eat five dollar Chinese buffet, I would have regretted it. So, I guess eight hours was enough . . . . cause that's what my back and my hammies are telling me today.

This weekend's Opus 8 hr Race at Mansfield Outdoor Centre was more of a training ride for Curvy Butt and myself in preparation for The BC Bike Race. Our goal was to just ride together the entire race, pace each other and see what happened. We ride together all the time, so I think we knew what to expect. It was, however, an excellent gauge to see where we are in regards to our training for the seven-day stage race out west and eight hours were enough, cause that's likely to be our longest day racing in BC.

Bug season. Traveling to Jeanie Beanie's place (my mother-in-laws) my bike bra caught every bit of pollen and bug that dared to get in it's way. Pretty gross really.

When Tanya asked if she could travel with us this weekend, I don't know if she knew that Jacks would be sitting on her almost the entire way.

Start of the race - all cheery faced.
"The Burt" made it's debut yesterday - maybe not a good idea to do your first ride on a new bike during an eight hour sufferfest - Tanya did too! However, it handled perfectly and I am digging this 29'er single speed! More to come on that soon.

Mark and Tanya. It was the last time that Mark and I would see Tanya until the end of the race.

Rick. It was like the second time he was on his mtn bike this year. Freak of nature.

The start of the race. We probably would have lined up earlier, however someone told us that solos were starting ten minutes back of the starting field. Got in line late and got stuck towards the end-to-the-middle of the pack.

This was a piece of our last lap and the only shot of us actually riding. It was the last wee bit of single track, just before the finish.

Expect to see us in the top ten of last place finishers at The BC Bike Race. We don't mess around and are going to compete.
I'm 99% sure if Mark hadn't flatted and had a wicked bad crash, we would have thrown down another lap. We lost a wee bit of time. However, another lap would have just made us that much more tired. Meh.

Mark and his better half of race support.

Tanya looking like she just finished up an 8 hr shift at the coal mine.

I had the best race support. Thanks Chrissie!

Results (clicky, clicky):
  • Rick 17 out of 54, Solo Men Under 40 - not bad for hardly riding this season
  • Tanya 3rd out of 13, Solo Women - WHOO HOOO! Way to go Tanya - podium!!
  • Mark 6th out of 32, Solo Men 40 Plus - solid finish for his first 8 hr race!
  • Me 8th out of 54 Solo Men Under 40 - an improvement from last year's 9th place
*late editing note: when we left the race venue, we didn't stick around for the ceremonies. Too bad for Tanya, cause she took third place! I don't think that she realized that she did that well. It's a shame she couldn't collect her medal - I hope Chico can send it along to her.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Sorry, I can't come to the blog right now. Please leave a message and I'll get back to you after the Mansfield 8 Hr Race this weekend.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Rainy day indoor stuff

It was raining today, so I used it take care of some things.

First, my Sidi Dragons - I love these shoes: so light, so comfy. However, this is the second time that the heel grip-dealie has started to come off. I've contacted Vellend Tech Inc. in Toronto, who are the Sidi distributor, and hope they come good on sending some replacement parts.

Then I worked on this for a quite a while. It's all built but I'm
still not ready to unveil the project yet. But you get the gist of it: 29 and single speed.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Left the house this morning before ten to hook up with Curvy Butt over at P7.

Five hour jaunt in the park today.
Some double track climbs.

Ripped a pair of my favourite old shorts
. . . . and you reap the benefits of viewing my inner thigh. Lucky you.

We didn't ride this trail - heaven forbid. We were only parked here as Curvy Butt taped together his broken bottle cage.

Spotted this purple trillium (are there purple trilliums?) while taking a pee in the woods.

Curvy Butt just past Brown's cabin headed towards Wakefield.
Got caught in the rain showers on the way back just past Lac Phillipe.
By the time we got back to Kingsmere we were chilled to the bone.
Ended up with just over five hours of saddle time.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


This is the second time my fork has reached the border and still has not crossed over or been delivered to me. Am I paying UPS to take my fork out for a good time?

I've got two other packages with UPS in transit right now and the exact same thing is happening.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Team Members Needed

Big Ring Racing is looking for two new members. After tonight's Endo Race, two big ringers were killed in action by giant mosquitoes. Mosquitoes as big as sea gulls ripped Lenny's head clear off his body with ease and a team of them tore King in half. Tanya, in total disgust and disbelief, barley made it out alive.

Seriously . . . . it was the craziest amount of mosquitoes that I have ever seen, and I have live in Northern Ontario! There were sections on the course that you couldn't have your mouth open or you'd get a few stuck in your throat - no lie! Right after the race was over, we threw the bikes on top of the car, stowed our stuff and got the hell out of there. It was obscene.

Monday, May 12, 2008

What's UP with UPS?

Somebody please explain the logic of this to me . . . . ?

My fork is coming from White Brothers in the States. It leaves Grand Junction on the 10th, it gets to the border (Windsor, ON) on the 12th and then it gets sent back to Colorado on the same day . . . . WTF?!?!

One more day

Just one more day to finish off a five day training block. Hard hill intervals on Friday, Saturday was a race simulation in the park, yesterday was a long slow 140 km ride (filled with hilarity, bakeries and bloody crashes . . . . more to come on that), today was speed work on the flats, and tomorrow is the Limerick race. Legs are feeling pooched for sure. A few days of rest and rebound at the end will set them up nicely for some mtn biking this upcoming long weekend.

Please take no offence, I am not giving YOU the finger. I AM giving the finger to Kari and Tanya though . . . . just wanted to show them the affects of making me crash yesterday. More on that later.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Umpa Lumpas Made Me Do It

Nope, that's not me with the cast of Little People Big World.
Umpa Lumpas invaded my afternoon nap and their short little, stubby legs kicked my arse to go ride.

Was supposed to ride with Giles and Dr. John this morning, but I opted out to spend some quality time with "the wife". Mother's Day is tomorrow, and despite not being a mother, we've got pets, so it's the next thing having kids. Dicky understands this and he's got kids too. One of my favourite things to do on weekend mornings is taking Jackie-boy to Bruce Pit with coffee in hand walking and talking alongside Chrisse. So bailing on an early morning ride was easy.

Curvy Butt couldn't get out to ride today due to Decky duty and instead was driving to Smith Falls for some team sponsorship pick up. I thought I'd go with him and keep him company and ride later in the day as it got sunnier and warmer out. My real reason was to twist his arm into visiting the Hershey's Chocolate factory store for some cheap chocolate. Curvy Butt gots a sweet tooth, as evident by his bodacious buttocks, so convincing him was easy.

The visit did not disappoint. It was like we were two kids in a candy store. By the time we left and got to the car I had already eaten two chocolate bars and was starting on a bag of chocolate covered almonds. Mmmmm . . . .

About fifteen minutes later driving back to Ottawa I started to get a tummy ache, energy was crashing and needed a nap. After Curvy Butt dropped me off with my big bag of loot, I crawled into bed to dream of sugar plums and marmalade skies. I didn't sleep well or for long as I got the jimmy legs, probably from all the sugar I ingested in such a short time.

Managed to get up and dressed and out the door for a hard out-and-back to Champlain. Plan was to throw down a hard effort in the second day of a five day block of training. Did I throw down like a wrastling superstar?! You bet your bulbous Umpa Lumpa ass I did! My average speed as 30.5km/hr and kept my heart rate soaring throughout. It was a race pace for sure and the legs felt good even after yesterdays hill intervals. Wonder how tomorrow's LSD ride is going to go with the chicks with sticks and Curvy Butt in tow?

*The park was super busy with bikers and motorist alike, and plenty of coppers out enforcing the law - keep your head up!


Had a short, but intense ride yesterday after work in the park. *Was feeling motivated to do some hill work - which I HAD to take advantage of, cause motivation has been lacking lately. Hit Pink's climb with some speed, power and strength intervals. It hurt, but it's good for me. Roadies must have been in a good mood yesterday cause every single one of them nodded or waved 'hello'.

*got some really good news yesterday, hence the motivation. Things seem to be turning a corner for me from crippity crap to yahoo yazoo.


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Searching for my mojo




trilliums are out in bloom

fortune parkway

*you can hear my gear/brake cables hitting the camera as I descend. Just as the video ends (I was coming to a bumpy section and needed two hands on the bars) you can see a rider to the far left. I passed this 'roadie' three times in the park. I waved and said 'hello' each time. The last time I pulled over to the centre of the road and waved directly at him and said loudly, "HELLO!". Nothing. I don't get them. Middle of the woods on a lonely stretch of pavement and not even an acknowledgment. WTF?!?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Craptastic Weekend

This weekend has just been the continuation of a couple bad weeks. Stress and crapola at work, McCraps-on-us at home (Chris and I are great, but are dealing with krap right now), crappy stuff happening on a career level, crippity crap-taking-so-long on a bike build, crap-alots with training . . . .and the crap continues. It's been one of those times where life seems to dump all over everything . . . leaving you with CRAP to clean up.

Didn't get out at all yesterday (in fact only out once this week, since last Sunday) due to some . . . . never mind. This past week was supposed to be my third week of Build I training, ended up being more like an R&R week (which WAS next week).

Today, I had to dig deep to find the motivation to go ride - it's just not there. I'm feeling totally burnt out and wiped by life right now. Somehow I managed to get dressed and on the bike and out the door to go meet up with Mark for a 40km ride into a wicked headwind, then aprox. 60km of hills in the park. No more than 3 km away from the house than did the bead on my front tire tear and a blew out the tube; more like EXPLODED the tube - KAAABOOOM!

Managed to leach a phone call off some guy's cell phone while walking home and got a hold of Chris. She was nice enough to come pick me up (thanks Babycakes!) and was able to get a hold of Mark and told him not to wait. It was the icing on the cake, so to speak . . . . icing is much yummier than expression lends itself in my situation, whereas the icing was the bit that just about sent me over the edge. Things have got to turn around . . . . but when!? CRAP!
My fleet of bikes is slowly dwindling. Just last week I sent off the Surly 1x1 and parts south of the border, all the way yonder down to Texas. It was an awesome bike and I loved riding it. Nothing handles like steel - until you try it, you don't know what you're missing. I'm happy it's going to an owner who is truly in love with Surly's and steel - it's now in good hands and a happy home.

In the workshop sits my Desalvo road bike, my old road bike (trainer and late Winter/early Spring bike) and my 1x9 Niner. I've got an old beater that's in need of a rear wheel (anyone got one laying around that I can convert to a SS?) and my 1940 CCM Cleavland Motorbike (it's not really a 'motorbike', it's just the model name) in pieces waiting for me to restore it.

I'm just holding out, waiting and waiting, for something to happen along the lines of a SS 29'er. I've got parts ready to go, but I'm just missing a couple key elements that will tie everything together. I'm dropping some hints here and hopefully 'someone' is reading this (hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge) and gets me "The Burt" soooooooon!

More on "The Burt" to come!