Thursday, May 10, 2007


Did hill intervals tonight. They hurt. Basically found some long hills and went up and down them a whole bunch of times until I felt like I was going to throw-up on myself.

There's a few ways to do hills - I threw the bike into the hardest possible gear that I could turn while remaining seated and pedaled my way to the top, turned around and bombed down to the bottom and then do it all over again.

What's crazy is as I started the hills, Iron Maiden "Run To the Hills" comes on my ipod. Freaky. What's more freaky is as I'm pedaling up Pink in the Gats, Nick Drake's song "Pink Moon" comes on (not sure why I had it on there in the first place, everything else was pretty heavy).

Check it out . . . . this is what I'll look like when I get older and start going bald.Got up this morning and it was really warm, I had time before work, so I cut my hair. Was going to go to work like this for a laugh, but my wife didn't think it was such a good idea.


matt said...

Awww you trasher guy listening to death metal while climbing. Well at least you werent listening to Barry Manalow!!!!

Craig said...

Really I'm a mullet wearing headbanger deep-inside.

The Goat said...

awesome hair do Grandpa. Always told Tabetha if I get one bald spot I'm shaving it all and applying turtle wax! Thanks for the Tshirt brother. Fits like a champ and supports a cool club. Riding Heartbreak tomorrow, maybe in teh rain. Later!

The Goat said...

oh yea and "Where ever I may Roam" by Metallica is the snize nit for fast paced singletrack. Man, I gott a go burn some stuff onto the MP3 for the long climb up Curtis Creek.

Craig said...

Hey Jeremy - glad you like the shirt. It's from me and all the boys - just a little thank you.

Man I wish that I had ridden Heartbreak - next Spring for sure!

gwadzilla said...

not a good look

only Shawn Palmer could pull off that one!