Thursday, May 31, 2007


Went down to the shop tonight, Tall Tree Cycles, that is.

I couldn't wait to start the build on my new monster truck and was able to finally start it tonight.Will with a sandwich as big as his head.
Thom getting in on the mellon sized sandwich too.
Almost done, a few more things to do and it'll be ready to roll for a l-o-n-g ride Saturday morning.


lenny said...

Nice ride.... when is it going up for sale? ;)

Craig said...

Not for sale . . . Get yer own!

Flowers, have to get flowers tonight!!

Anonymous said...

Those are Brooks saddles in the background, right? Sweet! I'll be stopping by that shop to pick me up one for sure.
Do you think that I will get a discount if I mention your blog?!?

matt said...

Bike is looking pretty. Are you sure you want to take it on the dirt? You might scratch it.