Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Just wanted to put a plug out there to a few of my great sponsors who have been helping me out so far this season.

Kenda Tires kept me moving faaaast all throughout the race. I love my Small Block Eights. For the types of courses that I've been racing on so far this season, there is nothing faster. There were some sandy sections . . . . more like beach-like sections at the bottom of two big run-outs at Mansfield. The SB8's handled them without twitching. Very impressed with these tires and love them more and more.

Progold Lubricants kept me drive train running smoothly and without noise. Saw lots of riders stopping to lube their chains in the dry, dusty conditions. I didn't have to touch my chain once.

OmegaWhey provided me with the protein to fuel and repair my tired muscles after the race. Nothing like a granolla bar and a shake with OmegaWhey to help you recover with. The next day my legs felt great, even after riding a single speed for 8 hrs!

Many thanks to Will & Thom at Tall Tree Cycles for trying to get my Niner built the week before Mansfield, but to no fault of there own, were held up by suppliers and the mail. Looking forward to sporting the new jerseys and bike at the upcoming races and representing TTC.

** Lots of good things to say about my other FANTABULOUS sponsors** Stay tunned!

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Anonymous said...

I checked out Tall Tree Cycles. Very cool shop! The guy working there was super cool.