Friday, June 15, 2007


This week and the next are so flipp'in busy for me on all fronts.


  1. end of the school year, report cards to write, staff meetings and parties to go to, end of year wrap up, break down the classroom, etc. Freak'in nuts. I'm not complaining (cause I've got two months off suckas!), it's just a lot of work.
  2. Summer Solstice race to plan. This takes a good two weeks to get ready for: buy all my shit, sort out logistics, pack, get the bikes ready, prep lights, sort my food/nutrition out, etc. I write lists, and re-write them. So much to do. If I over look one thing, could mean the difference between DNF'ing and finishing.
  3. Chris and I are running support for Mark, Siobhan, Gilles and Melissa this weekend as they do the Rideau Lakes Tour . Not really support, more like babysitting . . . well, yeah, actually babysitting their kids. BUT, I get to race, I mean drive responsibly, Gilles new German, fancy shmancy car! I may even jump out and ride with them for a few km or so.
  4. got to fit some riding in. Can't let myself tighten up and I don't do well if I'm not riding(I got two months off work suckas!)
  5. planning our trip out east. Found an 8 hr race in Nova Scotia which I'm trying to work the lostics out so that I can do it. I'm on holiday, so anyone want to do it tag team? Joey, you going to be out east this summer? (oh yeah, I'm off all summer too . . . suckas!)
  6. got a list as long as my arm of stuff to do around the house: put in flagstone path, paint our hallway once Rick finishes the bathroom (eechem. cough. cough.), fix our patchy lawn, put up a pergolla and hammock, etc. (but I have all summer to do this as I am not working . . . suckas!)

Busy, busy (suckas!)

Busy, busy.


Anonymous said...

And find a little time for that woman (and what a woman) that you live with . . . the one that shares your bed and makes your meals . . .

Craig said...

And WHAT A WOMAN!!!! Vaaa vaaa vaaa voooom!