Wednesday, August 8, 2007

24 Solo

Finally got my hands on a copy of this (thanks Matty!)

- if you've never been to a 24 hr race, let alone race in one, you probably wouldn't get this movie. If you've ever solo'd one, you'd even appreciate it more. It's entirely humbling and motivating all at the same time. You got to see this.

Mark Hendershot is in this film. He raced at Solstice this year and won - and won by a huge margin. He placed 3rd or 4th in the world's last year (Oct.'06). Apparently he is a very down to earth guy, quiet and very nice. We don't often get to ride with names like that.


Anonymous said...

So when are we all coming over to watch the movie??? I'll bring the popcorn.


Matt Spak said...

i think I will bring the mini dvd and the movie for hot august nights. Great motivation for the friday night.